Bosch GLL3-80 Review


61kmpqo5ril-_sl1200_With tons of features and 360 degree capability, the Bosch GLL3-80 is complete level and alignment solution for craftsmen and professional working in an indoor environment. Bosch GLL3-80 can project 3 perpendicular 360 degree lines, either all together or independently. This laser level is powered by 4 AA batteries and weighs in at 7.8 pounds.

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The Bosch GLL3-80 is the perfect tool for when you are setting up pipes/conduits, cabinets, windows, doors, decorating, wall alignment and any job which requires layout mapping. This laser level is always in my van, lately I have been using this more than any of the other laser level, mostly because I need 360 degrees of lines.

61adckidkxl-_sl1200_Top Features of Bosch GLL3-80

  1. 3 perpendicular lines, which can be projected together or independently
  2. Smart pendulum leveling technology, will tell you when you are not level
  3. Protected against dust and water, will last you many years
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Bosch GLL3-80 Technical Details

Weight7.8 pounds
Dimensions16.9 x 13.1 x 6.3 inches
Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries4 AA batteries (included)
StyleMulti Line
Visibility65 feet
Laser Beam ColorRed
Average Battery Life18 hours
Warranty1 Year
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